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Idol Envelope Ita Bag Inserts

Idol Envelope Ita Bag Inserts

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Grading guide: 

Most of the inserts have marks or little stains on them. IF these are on the back of the insert or in the section that will be covered by the bag flap when inserted, then I am counting these as "STANDARD GRADE"

If there are marks in the area that is visible, then I have marked these inserts as "SECONDS" - I will be issuing seconds in order of orders received, the "better" seconds will be sent out to earlier orders etc.

WHITE/GREY - these are not in very good condition and are marked as "clearance" and are listed here at below cost price. Most have large stains / marks.


35 x 27 cm (Approx.) Edge to Edge - please refer to photos for measurements of area that can be displayed 
4 snaps

Pictured inserts look slightly different irl.

I have made some notes below re colours:

- The mint green looks more greenish irl - it looks bluer in the photos than it actually is.
- The red I chose is not a "vivid" red.. its more pastel
- The grey/white looks a bit more purple in this pic
- The green is a bit more vivid than pictured

Everything else is more or less similar to the photo.

Icon insert version does not include the new Superstar girls as it was made prior to their announcement.

***Included items are handmade, whilst I quality check each and every item, please be mindful that I cannot guarantee they will be flawless. If you have any major concerns, please reach out to me.***

**Orders paid with Apple Pay cannot use Discount codes, please don't use this payment option if you need to use a code! Apple does not support this function** 

Please refer to the FAQs / Shipping Info pages for further details.

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