• artwork by the amazingly talented @bforpotato on IG
  • Hi!! My name is Nashi and I’m based in Sydney, Australia. My pronouns are she/her and I’m the owner + sole person running Parfait Parlour! (with some help from Parfait Husbando and our two kitties)

    I adore idols! In particular, idol anime. If I were an idol, my image colour would be lilac.

  • I have four OCs - Shu Shu, Bee, Emi and Kaino! Shu Shu was my first OC. She’s a purple koala who is an aspiring idol and she loves to sing! Fun fact: her name is my childhood nickname!

    Parfait Parlour is my pride and joy. Thank you for visiting and I hope you find something you like!

Shu Shu

Shu Shu! She was introduced in 2022 as the Parfait official mascot. She is a koala who loves to sing and dreams to be an idol!

Shu Shu has made some new friends since her debut and is excited to introduce them to you all! Please stick around for their reveals over the next few weeks and to support them on their idol journey!


Bee is a wota who loves astronomy! She has always been part of the wotagei crowd… but Bee also has a secret…: she’s a pretty amazing dancer!

Ever since Bee met Shu Shu, they’ve been best friend. She is very shy about her bill, but with Shu Shu’s help, she was able to overcome this and become an idol too! Bee does what she can to help others to achieve their dreams as well!


Emi is a sugar glider and an outgoing free spirit who loves to try new things, although Emi’s deepest passions lie in design and fashion.

Emi instantly fell in love with the cute outfits of idols. Emi met Shu Shu at an idol event. She asked if Emi was interested in trying to be an idol and Emi instantly jumped on the opportunity!


Kaino is an echidna who is incredibly shy and reserved. Kaino was always drawn to anything musical and used it to communicate with others.

Shu Shu and Kaino met at the same music school - they got along really well and started working on some musical projects together. Shu Shu invited Kaino to one of her shows and it inspired them to try as well! Although it pushed their limits, Kaino felt proud for going out of their comfort zone.