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Seconds Lucky Bags

Seconds Lucky Bags

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PRESENTING: Parfait Pins Lucky Bags!

These are “blind” bags, so specific pins cannot be requested. Contents are as follows:

- 5 seconds randomly selected seconds of previously released pins. These bags do NOT include pins from the most recent/current shop drop at the time of purchase.

***Enamel pins are handmade items - this listing is for FLAWED SECONDS. All sales are final. Flaws may include and are not limited to: pin pricks, smudges, excess spots, screen print errors, dirt, bubbling, missing enamel, loose posts. Colours may also appear slightly different due to varying monitor colour settings.***

**Seconds do not come with backing cards**

**Lucky Bags may not be pink in colour, bag colour is dependent on current stock**

**Orders paid with Apple Pay cannot use Discount codes, please don't use this payment option if you need to use a code! Apple does not support this function** 

Orders are shipped once a week every Saturday morning (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Please refer to the FAQs / Shipping Info pages for further details.

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